mardi 5 août 2008

New frame & Ankle Sprain

Yes, I had just recieved my frame a I bailed hard on my ankle....

Here are a couple of pics of my uni:

vendredi 1 août 2008


Hi !

Zenith Productions, Monotréal, and Dumoulin Bicyclettes are proud to finally present you “LIFE”, a video directed by Antoine Larocque-Beaudoin, Émile Mathieu-Bégin and Hugo Duguay.

This movie includes some of the best street, flatland and trials riders from all around the world :
Elias Pöham(Austria)
Raphael Pöham(Austria)
Elliot Hofman(France)
Loïc Baud(France)
Krisz Kovacs(Hungary)
Fredrik Justnes(Norway)
Kevin Smordal(Norway)
Kristian Lee(Norway)
Antoine Larocque-Beaudoin(Québec)
Émile Mathieu-Bégin(Québec)
Hugo Duguay(Québec)
Maxim Damecour(Québec)
Mikael Hébert(Québe)
Vince Lemay(Québec)

You will also find a duo section, some extra footage (bail section & unused footage), a hidden section (Password protected) and lots of fun !

The Hidden Section is not actually hidden, since the video is available online only, but we are giving you the link in this thread. However, you will have to find the password hidden somewhere in the video. Hint: Look at the unfamiliar, different, or any text that feel strange too you. The password is some words. (Don't put any space in the password)

We had to do an Extra Footage part, because we received a lot of footage from the riders and could not use all of them without getting repetitive or too long.

Running time : 41 minutes 16 seconds
File size : 324 mb

Here are the different watch/download links :

LIFE Video:
Download 1:
Download 2:
Download 3: Vimeo

Extra Footage:
Download 1:
Download 2: Vimeo
Bail Part:
Download 1:
Download 2: Vimeo
Hidden Section:
Download 1:

Hope you enjoy !

Zenith’s Crew,
Antoine, Émile & Hugo

jeudi 10 juillet 2008

[A Third] Trip To Québec City

It was my turn to go to Québec so I did. I went at my brother's appt. for a day. Filmed a bit, cool vid (I guess).

Hope you enjoy!

On Vimeo [HQ]
On Youtube [MQ]
On Dailymotion [MQ]


[Another] Trip To Québec

Hey guys, I went to Québec, the wheater was crappy but I could still get some cool footage.

On Vimeo [HQ]
On Youtube [MQ]
On Dailymotion [MQ]


mercredi 2 juillet 2008

New Rim, New look!

Hey guys!

I finally finished building my wheel! Take a look at my uni, it looks awesome!


P.S. We'll start editing LIFE on July 10.

dimanche 15 juin 2008

Flat Trick - Varial Roll to outside roll

Even if I'm never practicing flatland (I didn't since this winter) I felt like doing some while taking a break for my studying. Take a look.

On Vimeo [HQ]

mercredi 11 juin 2008

Welcome to Antoine - New team member

Big news!

Welcome to Antoine in zenith's pro team! I've been thinking aboutthis for a while now. I disccussed with Hugo about that and he said he was 100% in☻. Antoine has been evolving really quickly. He has a unique style, he rides with a KH, and at the age of 13, he's only getting better. What more do you want!

Here is a short vid from him:

P.S. He's keeping his good footage for LIFE.

New blog, new name?

Hey guys,

I've just put a new blog in place, this is much better then skyrock...for many reasons. It looks so much better, I can upload vids directly onto the blog, and them embed player won't lag with crappy computers (Youtube's embed lags with my comp).

Also, it's been a while I'm wondering if we should change our team name. There's a lot of «Zenith Productions» that already exsit. So if you have any ideas, don't be shy, say it loud!

mardi 10 juin 2008

Life Trailer

Trailer for our biggest project yet, LIFE.Comming out July 08.

Lien Vimeo [HQ]
Lien Youtube [MQ]
Lien Dailymotion [MQ]